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live paint

i would suggest animated art like mirage effect in paint program but more advanced with 3d or 2d effects where almost everything painted that moves or react can move.Sound fx.

Animate parts of images and paint brushes example water effects,weather brush effects like rain,
thunder, wind effect, swaying the leaves of a tree. right or left.falling effects.breaking object effect.
color moves animation.
example green with a wave effect.
color play
animated neon paint, .etc. A bit like mirage but focused on individual objects with realistic moves.

unique brushes like metal brush,real gold brush, diamond brush,galaxy brush,cloth brush,snow brush,car brush, mirror brush etc . make brushes with textures of every nice material
In short create a bridge for video editors.A bit like Mirage software but focused on individual objects with realistic moves and advanced.
light brushes from imitating bulbs candle lights , neon lights,fire ,thunder ,sunlight=Noon, morning, night, blue sky+

Muhindo , 11.01.2019, 20:03
Idea status: under consideration


Pixarra, 12.01.2019, 07:47
Thank you for your suggestion! We appreciate it.

Pixarra Team

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